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Against COVID-19, Waskita Toll Road Promotes Dissemination and Preventive Measures

PT Waskita Toll Road > Press Release > Against COVID-19, Waskita Toll Road Promotes Dissemination and Preventive Measures

Jakarta (27/03) – PT Waskita Toll Road (“WTR”) and the Toll Road Business Entity (“BUJT”) are taking steps to prevent the spread of Corona Virus Disease (“COVID-19”) especially in Rest Areas and toll gates on toll roads toll road belonging to WTR.

The prevention efforts including Socialization of the protocol for preventing transmission of COVID-19 through the Company’s Circular on Follow-Up Efforts to Prevent Corona Virus Transmission to all employees in WTR and BUJT; Installation of banners and banners in the WTR office area, BUJT, and in the Rest Area; Education related to the COVID-19 Transmission Prevention Protocol through Dissemination from the Health Office and WTR Social Media (Instagram); The formation of the COVID-19 Crisis Center Team at WTR and BUJT, as well as the COVID-19 Prevention Task Force (COVID-19 Task Force) in BUJT Operations, which has the task of carrying out prevention efforts and reporting developments in COVID-19 conditions within the scope of WTR and BUJT. BUJT also coordinates with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to spray disinfectants in the WTR & BUJT area regularly and regularly.
Provision and implementation of body temperature measurements, use of hand sanitizers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and provision of vitamins/supplements, Health Clinics, Observation Rooms, and Isolation Rooms are also the main focus of WTR and BUJT.
In the Rest Area of ​​the WTR segment, visitors are also limited by limiting visitor stop times and opening and closing of the rest area for toll road users so there is no potential for crowds/groups, Social & Physical Distancing socialization, socialization related to the prohibition of free going home and calls for not going home by BUJT.
In addition to the Rest Area, WTR also appeals and requires officers at the toll gate such as the Toll Gate Officer to always check their body temperature regularly, use PPE such as masks, gloves and routinely to wash their hands, spray periodic disinfectants at the gate area tolls, and as little as possible to make contact with road users.
In terms of handling emergency events related to COVID-19, WTR and BUJT coordinated with the COVID-19 Handling Referral Hospital.

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For further information :
Alex Siwu
Corporate Secretary
PT Waskita Toll Road
Waskita Rajawali Tower, Lt.7
Email: alex@wtr.co.id

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